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#1 Posted : 28 November 2000 22:45:00(UTC)
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Posted By John Foster
With regard to Local authority enforcement,
can anyone tell me what PACE Training is

#2 Posted : 29 November 2000 08:10:00(UTC)
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Posted By Bob Howden

I'm sorry I don't know the precise answer to this, perhaps one of our enforcement colleagues will give us the detail.

PACE - stands for the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, so I guess that training might be in Enforcement Policy and the correct ways to take evidence.


Bob Howden
#3 Posted : 29 November 2000 15:37:00(UTC)
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Posted By Mark A. Bush

Bob is absolutely right. PACE is the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

How this relates to enforcement for HSE, Local Authorities or the Fire Service is in the preparation and presentation of witness statements where the rights of the individual must be protected by the procedures adopted by the public authority conducting the interviews.

I would have thought that any training needs identified for individuals must reflect the level of complience with PACE. HSE conduct statement taking under section 20 of HASAWA and their level of complience is conisderably lower than ours is in the Police Service.

If you would like to contact me by E-mail (m.bush@west-midlands.police.uk) with specific details, I will speak to our training department.


#4 Posted : 29 November 2000 19:47:00(UTC)
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Posted By Paul Craythorne

As per the other 2 respondents. PACE is the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

I underwent such training in the mid 1990's whilst working at Solihull MBC as an Enforcement Officer.

Basically, it is the same training as the Police would receive in order to take a statement under criminal law. The evidence can be taken by scribing or by tape. The legal requirements of taking evidence in this manner is the same for H&S as for general criminal law.

This form of evidence taking is now common practice where there is cause to believe that a criminal offence has been committed. It is fully admissable in court and the recipient is interviewed under caution. It has wider implications than that of a Section 20 interview.

I found it to be quite an interesting and enjoyable course and I am sure you will to.

Hope this helps.



#5 Posted : 03 December 2000 09:27:00(UTC)
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Posted By Andy Lucas
Although the responses so far are correct, they do not identify the extent to which PACE applies.

The Act covers ALL situations where evidence is taken, which can include inadvertant situations. With the Act are a number of Codes of Prcatice A-E. Some relevant to LA enforcement some not ie arrest procedures.

PACE sets standards to follow when gathering evidence. In accordance with the CoP enforcement officers should serve a PACE Code B notice when on site and taking evidence which could mean looking at information, taking photo's etc.

PACE also covers stds for interviewing under caution and all enforcement officers must have regard to these standards especially with the Human Rights Act coming into force.

At Dudley MBC we were caught out by not following PACE and our trading Standards Dept ended up in the High Court. You may wish to dig out Dudley vs Debenhams case. As a result we are a little careful about PACE and serve PACE notices like confetti.

Training wise there are a number of providers and its a case of finding out who can provide the best course to suit your needs.

Hope this is helpful, the main thing is if your taking evidence you must know PACE. If you need to just email me for any further info.

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