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#1 Posted : 10 May 2001 13:02:00(UTC)
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Posted By Matthew Stevens
"Last bank holiday weekend we were treated to television coverage of two supposed makeovers on the 'SOS DIY LIVE' programme. One was a kitchen in Swindon and the other the village hall at Port Isaac.

Normally with this programme we only get to see the edited highlights but on this occasion, being a LIVE broadcast we witnessed warts and all, and what warts they were.

Circular saws being openly used without guards, workers not wearing any recognisable PPE and bad practices all round.

With the Construction industry in such a mess over the number of deaths and injuries which occur each year and the effort H&S Practitioners put in to encouraging personal health and safety culture at work, are we beating our heads against the proverbial brick wall when programmes such as the one mentioned above are put out by the national broadcasting company?"..
#2 Posted : 10 May 2001 17:49:00(UTC)
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Posted By Geoffrey Wilding
I couldn't agree more, ask any hospital A&E department how public holiday DIY increases their wating lists, the least the BBC could do would be to show best practice
#3 Posted : 10 May 2001 19:47:00(UTC)
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Posted By Peter Harvey
No matter how much you complain, things will not change..........or so the food industry will tell you.
For several years now I have read month-by-month letters and articles complaining about food safety standards and TV chefs (these are almost as common as DIY programmes). The catering industry as a whole are appalled by the standards of poor personal and kitchen hygiene that we see the celebrity promote ever day on our TV screens. However despite the uproar and outrage nothing has ever changed. Maybe we could soon have an outtake type programme with all the injuries caused during DIY makeovers?
#4 Posted : 11 May 2001 19:19:00(UTC)
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Posted By Kevin
Excuse me! you guys really need to take the positive side out of this situation, the stuff your talking about makes for excellent training material!. Try using the you've been framed program for near miss training and then explain if you are so stupid as to earn yourself £250 for pratting about acting in an unsafe manner I'll sack you!
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