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#1 Posted : 27 February 2002 22:42:00(UTC)
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Posted By Nigel Addison
I am currently researching the above issue. A significant proportion of NHS Trust accident reports consist of falls sustained by the elderly whilst in hospital. I have found a multitude of articles on the .net dealing with this problem with many references to "Hendrichs" assessment tool. I cannot however discover a downloadable copy of the latter. Does anyone out there have it, or any other tool they have used. In particular I am looking for assessment tools that will provide a risk rating related to the number of at risk patients in a ward, coupled with a measure for minimum staff level to provide a safe patient environment. Any assistance greatly appreciated !!
#2 Posted : 01 March 2002 13:04:00(UTC)
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Posted By Frank Cooper
HEINRICH'S (your spelling is wrong!) theory is based on a chain or sequence of events that can be listed in chronological order to show the events leading up to an accident.
event a - event b - event c - accident - effect.
Each event may have more than one cause. Heinrich states that the occurrence of an injury accident invariably results from a sequence of factors culminating in the injury itself. He states five factors or stages in the accident sequence as follows:
a) Ancestry or social environment leading to:
b) fault of person, constituting the proximate reason for
c) an unsafe act and/or mechanical hazard, which results in
d) the accident, which leads to
e) the injury.
It's commonly known as the "Domino Theory".
Heinrich said that if you can remove c) you will prevent the accident from happening.
Hope this helps,
Frank Cooper
#3 Posted : 01 March 2002 16:41:00(UTC)
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Posted By Lance Morgan
I don't think Nigel means that Heinrich.
The chap he is referring to did some research into patients falling in hospital and developed an assessment tool.
I got involved in doing some work on this for my NHS Trust sometime ago. Unfortunately I have archived (somewhere) the file and literature review I carried out.
We have an assessment tool in use and I would be happy to let you have this Nigel if you think it would be useful. You can email me at lance.morgan@ulh.nhs.uk.
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