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#1 Posted : 22 September 2019 17:48:53(UTC)
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I’m currently looking to start a career in H&S I have around 2 years experience in a Quality control role in food/vitamin based production companies, I enjoyed my last job and am starting a new one very soon again as a QC, this time I would like to make myself as valuable and effective as I can with the obvious the goal to move up to management. Shoot for the stars and what not!

But! I have no idea where to start! Could all you seasoned professionals help me out? I’m hoping to make a timeline of courses and training that will help me progress to make me a desirable asset in the health & Safety sector.

#2 Posted : 23 September 2019 05:40:58(UTC)
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Hello Raseri, welcome to the forum.

The most recognised qualification is the level 6 diploma,(the route to which is through the certificate first) and there are a few ways to achieve this. If your employer is paying you may consider attending classes for the Nebosh Dip. which is expensive (check the net for costs) but you get face to face with a local (ish) tutor and then sit exams. A similar popular route now is the distance learning with NCRQ (again cert then dip) which you do at home and pass three modules to get the diploma. This is a cheaper option as you are not paying for face to face time, (around £1500) exams are replaced with a series of assignments (about 14) and you must pass them all to get the qualifications. Both take around 500 hrs of study time. Each route has it's fans and detractors but both are equal in value. You may stop at the certificate, many do, and go on to have very successful careers in H&S, having a diploma isn't always necessary. 

If you are already working in H&S you could take the NVQ route which assesses the work you do against certain criteria. Not sure how this is paid for or what it costs, I've never done one.

Importantly, you should brush up your research skills, this question has been asked many times on the forum, and a quick search would have told you all you need to know. Good luck.

#3 Posted : 23 September 2019 09:51:15(UTC)
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I would add that you can also do the Nebosh diploma as an online course - although you will still need to attend a central point for the exams - which will make it more comparable in price to the NCRQ.

Also, I would suggest you consider the Nebosh certificate (classroom or online). It is less invovled than the diploma (and cheaper), but will give you a good broad, base level knowledge, and will allow you to get your foot in the door at an organisation. It will take only 3 months or so to complete.

You could then go on to a level 6 when you have more expeirince in the field. You may then find that your employer then may have a preferred route for the diploma through which to progress - and may also pay for this.

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