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#1 Posted : 19 February 2020 12:04:18(UTC)
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Looking for some advice. I self funded and completed the NEBOSH General and Fire Certificate in 2015. Hit lucky as my employer, at the time, was purchased and I was able to carry out H&S Audits and Fire Risk Assessments, albeit only occasionally. Really enjoyed this but grew to despise my main role at the company and questioned the direction the company was going.

After searching for a while for a full time H&S role, I was offered a HSE Officer role last year, which I took. Company itself is well established, management are on board and supportive, which I have read here isnt always the case. I inherited a bit of a mess, which I have now been able to sort. After less than a year though, I find the days to be very long and boring. The company are happy with me and are willing to put me through my NEBOSH Diploma but basically, I don't see my long term future here and if I left, I would need to pay them back. 

I really enjoyed the Fire Risk Assessments and I think this would be the route I would like to go down. I have seen a few roles advertised but most require IFE membership. I have had a quick look but it appears they don't accept the NEBOSH Fire (I may be wrong on this, was only a brief look) so would need to do some other qualification

What other courses would people recommend?  I'm still in my 20s, is it worth sticking this out, getting my Diploma and building experience and then looking down the FRA route?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

#2 Posted : 20 February 2020 15:25:50(UTC)
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Stop where you are and get all the qualifications that you want and then decide if you want to specialize later.

You are in a fortunate position - you have secured a H&S role with a good company who are prepared to assist you with your training  and you are in your 20's - well done.

As your present work load is not that demanding it will give you ample time to study at work no doubt with approval of your employer.

I am not to sure if you would have to repay your employer if they paid for your tuition.

Perhaps others could offer their own experiences of that situation.    


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sj16 on 21/02/2020(UTC)
#3 Posted : 20 February 2020 15:51:05(UTC)
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I agree Centurion - a wise cove once told me the same.

My experience was I had to agree that if I left the company before a year was out, I would have to repay a percentage of the course back based on time served out, e.g. if I left after six months I would pay 50 % of the course.

I also got days off prior to exams!

Also, as they are paying they should be able to offer you assistance, time away, etc. as needs must.

Best of luck with your decision and career.

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sj16 on 21/02/2020(UTC)
#4 Posted : 21 February 2020 16:12:41(UTC)
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Hi SJ16. I was in a similar position about 18-12 months ago - in a H&S advisor role, decent H&S experience and NEBOSH NC. I completed a fire risk assessor course with the FPA (which was great and highly recommend). After this course I wanted to stop H&S and focus on fire (I was alo completing fire risk assessments in my role). However still being in 20's I thought it was the right time to do my H&S diploma. I completed my H&S diploma a couple of months ago and have since changed my mind - I want to focus more on H&S rather than fire.

As the previous comments have said - you're young, the world is your oyster! 

All the best for the future. 

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sj16 on 24/02/2020(UTC)
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