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#1 Posted : 14 March 2020 18:14:09(UTC)
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So, relatively new to a so-called development H & S role. Very low pay (not private sector) but part of the offering is to be funded to do one of the higher qualifications (NEBOSH Diploma, NVQ or NCRQ). I don’t get a say in which one. As soon as signed up to course we’re expected to work for them at least 2 years or pay them back if we leave before then. OK, this is fairly standard, although it’s not sliding scale. You leave after 23 months, they still want the whole whack refunded.

Already I’ve been told (by my Head of Dept) not to even bother writing up some issues as he’s been reporting these issues for years but there is no money so the problems won’t be fixed. He’s a great guy but appears burnt out. A co-worker and I wanted to go to an IOSH learning day but this is actively discouraged so not really “development”role. Alarm bells going off for me now. I don’t have the £££ to pay back if I leave once on the course but I’m not sure about 2 years here- we can’t get anything done because of cashflow and lack of buy-in from top management. I’m not going to run away right now but wondering about deferring the course so as not to get trapped? I’m moving house this summer so have a reason to defer distance learning!

#2 Posted : 15 March 2020 01:49:04(UTC)
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Hi there, 

Well, I believe that you have to say regarding NEBOSH Diploma, NVQ or NCRQ because you may be paying for the training if you leave before 2 year time. 

Regarding the "bother writing up some issues", why not? Are they reasonable? Well funded? An HS Practioner does not enforce, he does assess and advice and finally assisting the line of command. 

No one dreams this career when young,  but you learn to love.

#3 Posted : 15 March 2020 12:38:18(UTC)
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Have to be a bit careful not to say too much that might be outing- but the reason for "not bothering" is he (head of dept) has done it before and nothing has been done so he says "why waste our time". The issues are reasonable; think trip hazards like loose broken paving where there have already been falls, overloaded electricity.

Think I might have come across a bit wrong- I do love what I do! Which is why I have a problem with being told not to even bother. Head of sees it as a waste of time as nothing ever gets done- he's pretty burnt out and just wants to leave I think. He's a really nice guy and knows his stuff but I think he's given up :(

In previous lives I was a sort of H & S assistant before I got NGC and was much more involved in doing inspections and sorting problems etc than I am now. This is why I don't want to get locked in for the 2 years etc- think I'm just wasting my time as whole dept is only here to tick a box IYSWIM?

peter gotch  
#4 Posted : 15 March 2020 13:40:01(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user
peter gotch

Marble, two suggested ways forward:

1. It's quite probable that if you were to leave after say 15 months, your next employer might decide to take the hit for any course fees.

2. Consider whether you could afford to pay for e.g. an NVQ yourself and use your struggles to get things done as the evidence. Then you can leave when YOU decide it's time. I think some NVQ providers will let you pay by stages or months.

Either way, it puts you in control of which route to go. Your employer would not appear to care very much except in so far as to provide a lock in on whatever investment they might decide to fund. Which suggests that they don't have much confidence that they will give YOU the wish to stay.

...or 3. Start collecting the evidence for a VQ and bide your time until you find a more progressive employer.

#5 Posted : 15 March 2020 21:07:11(UTC)
Rank: New forum user

Thanks Peter, that's really good advice particularly poinst 2 & 3. Will definitely give that some thought. Strongly suspect a lot of things are going to go on hold in next few days and weeks anyway owing to coronavirus...

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