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#1 Posted : 02 June 2021 09:04:22(UTC)
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Hello All

Does anybody have any advice on monitoring of air quality in enginnering workshops?

Most machines are enclosed with LEV fitted and there is good extraction for the open machines (which are only used intermittently). Welding bays have LEV installed. All exhaust ventilation systems are monitored and maintained.

Is air sampling considered necesary is this environment?

Thanks in advance

Ian Bell2  
#2 Posted : 02 June 2021 11:10:55(UTC)
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Ian Bell2

I wouldn't recommend any further air monitoring, if you are happy all of the specific machine and welding LEVs are working correctly and efficiently.

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TripleS65# on 02/06/2021(UTC)
peter gotch  
#3 Posted : 02 June 2021 13:40:42(UTC)
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peter gotch

Hi TripleS65

I broadly agree with Ian.

Suggest you look at the design specification for the LEV at enclosed machines and welding areas to check that (a) this wasn't just cobbled together and (b) that the processes are roughly the same as intended when the LEV was designed and installed.

Then for the intermittently used machines that are NOT enclosed, consider what is likely to be discharged into the environment in inhalable or respirable form. Since we don't know what tasks these machines are performing, it's impossible to guess what nasties might be given off.

#4 Posted : 02 June 2021 14:06:07(UTC)
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Thanks Peter

The LEV systems are in good order and well maintained, it is more for the open areas. The workshop I was referring to is mostly machining from new aluminium for new parts but I was trying to establish whether air monitoring is generally used to measure effectiveness of controls.

I know a number of engineering businesses that are revisting their exhaust ventilation controls and was wanting to understand how much monitoring is used.

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A Kurdziel  
#5 Posted : 07 June 2021 10:24:01(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

Also make sure that people are using the elephants trunk type extraction systems correctly. It’s not good positioning the capture nozzle a foot away from where the welding is taking place. It needs to be inches from the source of the fume.  

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TripleS65# on 16/06/2021(UTC)
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