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Jim Reason  
#1 Posted : 10 November 2021 11:36:20(UTC)
Rank: New forum user
Jim Reason

Does anyone have a good link to a ready made excel (xls) HSE dashboard, if you could send a link to one I would very much appreciate it

#2 Posted : 10 November 2021 13:01:01(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

I think you are going to need to be a little more specfic. What exactly would you want the spreadsheet to do/monitor? For example I have excel training matrices(?), risk assessment schedules, mangement review schedules, coshh assements (with links to data sheets). I made these all myself, and it was not that hard to do.

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Roundtuit on 10/11/2021(UTC), A Kurdziel on 10/11/2021(UTC), chris42 on 10/11/2021(UTC)
#3 Posted : 10 November 2021 15:21:14(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

My advice is to find out what the intended audience for the dashboard (a) want and (b) need to see on it (the two may not be the same thing) and then create one that covers both (or get a helper who knows Excel to create it to your specification).

This will be entirely dependent on the purpose for which the dashboard is required and the context in which it is being used.  Someone else's dashboard which works perfectly well for them is likely to be irrelevant, misleading and even damaging for your audience as the dashboard identifies the things that are considered important to draw attention to and this is different in different contexts.

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chris42 on 10/11/2021(UTC)
Ian Bell2  
#4 Posted : 10 November 2021 15:53:52(UTC)
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Ian Bell2

Lots of videos on YouTube on how to make an Excel Dashboard. This lady has a good Excel channel - Leila Gharani

peter gotch  
#5 Posted : 10 November 2021 17:18:38(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user
peter gotch


There are lots of companies out there wishing to sell you such a dashboard.

There are also lots of people on LinkedIn offering them for free, but I have always assumed that they want to harvest your email address for marketing.

If you know what you want to portray any bright young whizzkid (NOT me - my Excel capability is next to useless!) should be able to use Excel or some other programme to put together what you need.

As others have indicated what is important is that you define your needs.


A Kurdziel  
#6 Posted : 11 November 2021 09:56:27(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

I am not even sure we should be talking about dashboards in Health and Safety. Early in the 21st century when I first started putting  data in excel spreadsheets, I discovered I could generate useful(and colourful)  graphs and pie charts which I could use to illustrate the effectiveness of our H&S policies. This impressed the CEO. Then about 10 years ago  I was introduced to the idea of a business dashboard. It was like  a car dashboard a way of telling people what was happening in real time and some businesses found it useful, but others began to copy this format but used it to show historical data not the real time stuff. When you are driving your car, you want to know how fast it is travelling now, not last week or what  trend in turning left as opposed to right over the past  quarter. Historical data has no place on a dashboard. What we are trying to do, in H&S is look at trends and perhaps predict the future.

Dashboard is one of those business terms which has moved so far from its original context, so as to be meaningless.

You don’t need to buy a dashboard package, just find out how to use excel properly and present the information that helps your organisation make its H&S decision.  

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Kate on 11/11/2021(UTC), aud on 11/11/2021(UTC), chris42 on 12/11/2021(UTC)
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