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#1 Posted : 14 March 2024 11:21:50(UTC)
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Hi All,

I have quite strict Contractor controls on my sites; PQQ, Insurance, RAMS, Site Induction etc for anyone that comes onto our sites to carry out work etc

We have customer vehicles (HGV's) which come onto site and occasionaly break down or get a flat tyre. I insist that companies that come onto site go through the same controls (except the PQQ), which hasn't been a problem.

We also have our own small vans which full under the AA in terms of breakdown. Now I am struglling to get anything from the AA, however I just need a sense check. Am I going over the top here? 

We have lots of FLT and vehicle movements around the site.

#2 Posted : 14 March 2024 15:05:34(UTC)
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Hello MrBrightside,

We have similar work going on here and have our own fleet of HGVs and lots of FLT movements in the yard and production mill.

We have a few pickups and several pool cars, as well as personal cars. These are located away from the yard area so anyone coming to repair / service a small vehicle is not within the hazardous zone. I just give them a simple induction and instruct they use walkways if needing to travel around site on foot and our welfare facilities are away from said working areas.

As you use AA, I wouldn't feel the need to ask for any information other than updated policy and or contracvt information relating to their service they will provide you. If you were to use a local small business instead of AA, I would ask for more details to ensure they are not of the 'cowboy' variety.

If you need further controls due to a breakdown in an area where FLTs and other vehicles are operating, you may want to induct them upon arrival and instruct them as to what you expect them to do to keep themselves safe and to inform and instruct your own staff.

Engagement, communication and awareness is key.

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peter gotch on 14/03/2024(UTC), HSSnail on 18/03/2024(UTC)
#3 Posted : 14 March 2024 17:31:43(UTC)
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I suggest mentally setting the contractor process to one side and thinking about what the AA mechanics need to be able to do their work safely on your site.

You already have a contract with the AA so you already know that they have insurance and competence in vehicle repair.  Whatever they need will be related to the conditions on your site.

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HSSnail on 18/03/2024(UTC)
#4 Posted : 18 March 2024 09:29:32(UTC)
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If its just a small van, could you draw up a RAMS to tow it to a safe loaction for the AA to work on? Im supprised they will actualy come into a work place, thought they just provided road side assistance (or homestart for extra cash)

#5 Posted : 26 March 2024 08:39:32(UTC)
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Cones, Barriers, temporary lighting if required, Traffic Marshall/Watchman ??

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