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#1 Posted : 15 April 2019 08:40:54(UTC)
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We have a well established PEEP procedure that involves the line manager and the member of staff subject to the PEEP having a chat and establishing what assistance is required and recording those details along with a review date. Assistance to the line manager is available from our intranet. The record is a simple memo/note for file kept by the individual and their line manager, who have joint responsibility for the PEEP's maintenance.

We have recently moved around 200 staff into a multi occupied building, managed by the main occupier of the premises. Their emergency procedures require that copies of the PEEP assessment meeting (on their form) are provided to their HR dept and security team (the latter Dept deals with fire evacuation management).

Our staff are used to the lightweight touch we have adopted and do not want to share their most personal information with a third party. I agree with them and have asked the landlords what is the rationale for sharing the most personal info on a PEEP. They have not been able to provide a suitable answer.

The large office building is swept during an evacuation and there is no role call (there is no room in this city centre location!) so what is the point of a 3rd party keeping this info?. Security holding PEEP records serves no purpose locating PEEP holders during an evacuation, as those with PEEPs move around the building, may be on holiday or otherwise out of the office. 

The landord have raised their responsibility to record ths at risk in their FRA as their rationale. That's a good point, but their responsibility ends at our front door, plus we have agreed to provide a summary of those who may require assistance to leave the building to assist in their FRA responsibilities and their emergency planning. The summary will include numbers and types of disability. I feel this is enough as they do not need full names and personal details of medical conditions.

GDPR/privacy related concerns have also been raised - but that's for others to worry about. 

So have you encountered this before? If so, how was it resolved?



#2 Posted : 15 April 2019 10:52:52(UTC)
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I agree that your PEEPs should remain confidential and not for a 3rd party. You could of course provide the information but delete any names and other personal data.

It sounds like the 3rd party have not really given the matter too much thought - it's just bureaucratic nonsense if you ask me. Stick to your guns, say your company policy is not to provide your employees' personal data.  

#3 Posted : 15 April 2019 14:04:46(UTC)
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I agree with RayRapp, the information cannot be shared without the consent of the persons subject to the PEEPS. They should only know; how many and what assistance is required from the Security personnel. If you can manage the evacuation without any 3rd party help then you don't need to supply any information. Sounds like a 'jobs worth' not understanding about PEEPS and evacuations.

A Kurdziel  
#4 Posted : 15 April 2019 15:24:02(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

What information are people putting into their PEEPS which makes it medical in confidence?

Whenever I do mine I never both with a full description of what the person’s medical condition might be; I only note that they use wheel chair or will struggle to get down the stairs on their own accord, they can’t hear the fire alarm etc.

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Dave5705 on 15/04/2019(UTC)
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