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#1 Posted : 07 April 2021 14:06:22(UTC)
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Does anybody know whether electric rim locks (that are designed to be fail-safe) need to be tested periodically to ensure that they remain fail-safe?


Ian Bell2  
#2 Posted : 07 April 2021 19:09:03(UTC)
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Ian Bell2

I've no idea what you mean by an electric rim lock but if it performs any form of safety function, then simply adopting sensible risk management practices would mean that it will need some form of routine functional operation, testing and maintenance.

Does it have a manufacturers name on it who you can contact for advice?

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Mosh on 08/04/2021(UTC)
#3 Posted : 08 April 2021 14:38:41(UTC)
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Thank you Ian for your reply.

I have tried to attach a picture of an electric rim lock, but it doesn't seem to work.

Basically, it is an electronic lock on a front door that opens when you press the button (usually coloured red) on it.

#4 Posted : 08 April 2021 15:56:36(UTC)
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I should imagine there is something written somewhere but I had a quick look and could not find easily. It appears that fire guidance is generally in British Standards, but the only one I could find was related to installation and coupling to an alarm. Of course from your question I am assuming this is on an escape route.

However, it will be tested every time the smoke alarms are tested and every fire drill, because the alarm will be set off and the door should unlock.

Emergency lights are tested (flick test to simulate power loss) on a monthly basis, so would not seem unreasonable to adopt this. However, frequency may depend on if there are people sleeping at the premises if there are vulnerable people there and if there is a manual override. We also check the final exit doors open on a monthly basis anyway ( ie mechanisms operate and doors don’t stick etc)

Can you contact the manufacturers and see what they recommend or look for a new similar lock and see what they say?

What does your fire risk assessment / your assessor say.

There should be a fire expert along sometime who may be able to give you a better answer.


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Mosh on 08/04/2021(UTC)
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