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#1 Posted : 07 April 2021 19:47:28(UTC)
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Hi all

So each month I run the safety meeting at my site were we run through our incident Stats and other information around how we have performed that month, then any up and coming safety projects or areas that need discussing.  The formaT however can get a bit dull and uninspiring.  I also have to think about my audience who are often qhse reps or colleagues from the floor.

can anyone provide me with some ideas on how to make your safety meeting engaging and inspiring?  I do have some ideas some any others would be great. 

peter gotch  
#2 Posted : 08 April 2021 14:33:20(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user
peter gotch

e - are your site workers interested in statistics at all?

If the accident stats have gone UP (whether at site or corporate level), it is unlikely that proves anything. If the stats have gone down, ditto.

By all means talk about accidents if there are lessons to be learned that the workforce can readily see as relevant.

Why not switch the focus to the positive? What you are going to do to enable the workforce to make it easier for them to go home as healthy or more healthy each month?

Remember that ultimately it is MUCH more likely that their future years are going to be adversely impacted by occupational ill health than from sustaining accidents.

A Kurdziel  
#3 Posted : 08 April 2021 14:59:30(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

Firstly, what is the point of the meeting: what are you trying to get a cross. If it is simply about informing them what’s happening or providing stats you can put them on poster or a website etc.

Monthly seems quite frequent. Most organisations that I have worked for prefer the formal meetings to take place  about once a quarter. Stats are useful if they describe a trend over time or they can identify areas of concern. That is what you should be asking them about : why are you having that type of accident in that area. Similarly  noting  the inspections that have been done means nothing; its the follow up that is key, eg what are the issues with getting it right?

How long are your meetings? One place  I know had 4 hour long meetings…they felt like a séance except you are trying to contact the living! Are the papers circulated well in advance and has everybody had a chance to read them. Do you insist in on going through every paper or are most of the papers for information only and  they only need to be noted and not acted upon. Have you as the  the H&S person done your bit? In one place the meetings consisted of senior managers berating the H&S manager for not doing the actions from the previous meeting; they were not fun.

Do you chair this meeting and are all of the participants H&S reps etc. Isn’t that a bit of  an echo chamber? The best H&S meetings I ever attended were chaired either by the CEO or Head of Operations because then they were about getting things done, not moaning about the inadequacies of the system.

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