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Safety Geek  
#1 Posted : 22 November 2021 13:57:20(UTC)
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Safety Geek

Hi all, 

I have been reading thorugh the CDM Regulations 2015 and Regulation 22 Excavations states that: 

4) Construction work must not be carried out in an excavation where any supports or battering have been provided in accordance with paragraph (1) unless—

(a)the excavation and any work equipment and materials which may affect its safety have been inspected by a competent person

(i)at the start of the shift in which the work is to be carried out;

(ii)after any event likely to have affected the strength or stability of the excavation; and

(iii)after any material unintentionally falls or is dislodged; and

(b)the person who carried out the inspection is satisfied that construction work can be safely carried out there.

The issue I am having is there doesn't seem to be any recognised training courses for an Excavation Safety Competent Person in the UK.  There seems to be lots in the US but not here in the UK. 

Can any of the more expereinced people in this field advise what would be best to do to comply with this legal duty? 



#2 Posted : 22 November 2021 14:32:20(UTC)
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There are courses in excavtion shoring,

The competent person is a person who has the skills, knowledge, qualities and if required certifiction.

This is not a new requirement, competent was in Factories Act 61, Construction Regs 96 , CDM 94. 

Who were you using prior to reading CDM 2015

#3 Posted : 22 November 2021 14:53:34(UTC)
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Would this come under EUSR training? (Energy & Utility Skills Register) . If so just google "EUSR excavation inspection training uk" and you will get loads of hits.

#4 Posted : 22 November 2021 16:07:36(UTC)
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EUSR Categories 3, 4 & 5 - Install, Inspect & Remove Timber, Steel and Proprietary Excavation Support Systems

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