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Steve Low  
#1 Posted : 09 February 2024 08:07:28(UTC)
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Steve Low

Apologies if this has come up before, but I'm being asked to write up these card for non conformances on site which after 2 yellow cards the offender is remove from site.

I totally disagree with this type of system as I'm more used to a behavioural approach rather that a shoot to kill.

Do any of you people out there have similar experiences or better systems.

Thanks in anticipation.



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#2 Posted : 09 February 2024 11:04:04(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

From my days in Construction the red and yellow cards were a popular idea but never sucessfully managed (that was just my experience)

I think that maybe this approach is taken as its simple to understand 2 strikes and your out but they were only used for safety breaches.

Sorry I can't help with any other suggestions.

#3 Posted : 09 February 2024 12:21:14(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

I always had the two card system available to me but never used it.  I found that talking to the operative who breached site safety worked very well.  At the end of the conversation I asked the Op to tell his manager about our conversation and they always did.

I did once instruct someone to leave site immediately, he had picked up a Nail Gun and was playing with it as if he was a cowboy, pointing it toward people.

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DH1962 on 09/02/2024(UTC)
#4 Posted : 09 February 2024 13:46:25(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

I’ve seen the system used but was never comfortable with it myself. It’s for show.. “Real world” measures are more effective. The inconvenience of being stopped until you’ve rectified an unsafe situation or being sent to redo the site induction, for example,  have more impact. Most effective if there’s a knock-on effect and the miscreant has delayed other contractors who may make their feelings known.

 Like firesafety I’ve only had to send anyone away once. It was such an obvious breach there was no argument.

#5 Posted : 14 February 2024 11:26:32(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

I've seen it abused on one site as well with the Safety Adviser posting photocopies of yellow and red cards on his wall when he issued them, probably so that he could evidence that he was doing his job.The same guy used to wait at the turnstile to the site at knocking off time and issue a card to anyone who took his hard hat off to get through the turnstile when leaving site.

I don't like it myself, much better as Firesafety said to intervene, coach and educate.Send them for a re-induction or ask the Contracting Company to provide a TBT on the subject and monitor compliance. The balancing act then is what do you do when that doesn't work and the same person does the same thing again ?

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