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#1 Posted : 31 October 2000 22:45:00(UTC)
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Posted By David Waterton
to Neil Budworth..I would be interested in the training packs you have developed if you are willing to share them
#2 Posted : 02 November 2000 11:50:00(UTC)
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Posted By Neil Budworth
This is the material we have developed so far. There are quite a few big files in here, if you can let me know which if any are of interest I will try and E mail them to you.

Best Regards


Anat.ppt and Anat1.ppt = Basic anatomy slides only slight variations between the two.

Assess.doc = Employee task assessment checklist copy of Checkniosh2m.doc

Awareness Poster.doc = Awareness poster

Back Care in Everyday life.ppt = Back Care in Everyday life presentation

Backschool Flyer.ppt = Poster for backschool

Backschool.doc = suggested syllabus for backschool

Backscin.ppt = Presentation outlining reason for bckschool and content

Check 2, Check3, check4 and checklist1 = Example checklists for behavioural measurement and feedback, and ilustration of standards.

Checkniosh2m.doc = Ergonomic assessment tool Same as Assess.doc based on the NIOSH equations, but simplified so that a non expert user can identify and rate tasks and identify the compenents within a task that are causing the source of risk. Used in conjunction with remedy.doc which highlights possible solutions

Common.ppt = Explanation of common back problems, with intervertebral disc pressure graph

Every.ppt = Backcare in everyday life (sorry I seem to have got two copies on here)

Facts.ppt = Fact or fiction quiz (icebreaker)

FAQ.doc = Frequently asked questions with suggested answers

Feedbackpres.ppt = Presentation outlining the theory of behavioural measurement and feedback and ABC analysis

Flow.doc = Flow chart illustrating a simple way through problem solving with PDCA

Giving feedback on observations.doc = Hand out for observers on active listening and feedback.

Icebreakers.doc = explanation of various games which can be played during backschool, including letter to Groundforce and balloon game.

Lift and posture.ppt = Lift and posture presentation

Lying.ppt = lying stretches

Models.ppt = Diagrams illustrating how to build models

NB.ppt = Disc diagram and intervertebral disc pressure graph

Pdca.ppt = PDCA Full version manual

Quiz cards.ppt = quiz questions for use with games.

Remedy.doc = For use with checklist gives illustrative solutions where checklist gives high scores

Salessme.ppt- General overview of the project

Sitting.ppt = Sitting stretches

Smepdca.ppt = Simplified approach to PDCA based on a PDCA worksheet

Therapy.doc = options beyond self help and explanation

Therapy.ppt = accompanying presentation not complete

Tim plank.ppt = presentation to illustrate the interdependence of the various parts of the programme

Towel2.ppt Towel icebreaker overheads.

Treat.ppt= Treatment options beyond self help.
#3 Posted : 03 November 2000 08:30:00(UTC)
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Posted By D Geoghegan
I would be interested in a questionnaire on back care/ manual handling.
D Geoghegan

email: Dgeoghegan@crownlift.de
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