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#1 Posted : 30 November 2000 17:14:00(UTC)
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Posted By Darrell Simmons
I am an IT manager at a medium sized business but I have to say that I have no idea what health and safety issues I could run into.One that particularly concerns me is size of monitors and time spent in front of them. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the minimum size should be and what kind of time should users be sat in front of them?
#2 Posted : 30 November 2000 21:45:00(UTC)
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Posted By Ken Taylor
For starters you should read:
'Display Screen Equipment Work: Guidance on Regulations' (L26) @ £5.75, and
'Working With VDUs' (INDG 36) Free - both available from HSE Books on 01787 881165
#3 Posted : 03 December 2000 16:13:00(UTC)
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Posted By Jim Walker
It is good that you recognise your responsibilities as a manager.However, why can't you ask your competent H&S advisor? Does your company not have one ?
#4 Posted : 04 December 2000 14:50:00(UTC)
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Posted By Dave Daniel
There is NO "Optimum Size". IT depends what you're doing. Clearly if you need to do CAD or similar, you need a high resolution big monitor. If you're working a shop checkout you only need a small screen because there's relatively little information to display.

You should bear in mind that eyestrain is often caused by poor eyesight/spectacle prescriptions. Some older screens may cause problems from flicker etc but then you'll be aware of this - you should have a minatenance contract. As far as I last heard eyestrain is not a fatal condition - You recover when you rest!

Colour combinations are also relevant. Your eye is an imperfect lens, so if you have say blue and red text in the same plane, one will be out of focus to you (try it) Your eyes continually work to refocus - its tiring!

Laptop users are probably the worst off, with small screens, tiny cramped keyboards and trying to work in strange places.

Dave Daniel - H&S Consultant and one-time IT post sales support consultant. (Coventry)
#5 Posted : 05 December 2000 10:58:00(UTC)
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Posted By Stuart Nagle
See the item @Technical Information' on this web site. There you will find free downloads on DSE and and Teleworking which will be helpful to you.

Also, see you health & safety Officer/Manager (if you have one), who I am sure will be able to appraise you of the standards and requirements you seek, or will be able to point you in the right direction.

The DSE Regulations 1992 have been in force for some time and you really should have caught the bus by now, but don't worry, a structured and thoughtful appraoch to this area will no doubt have you up and running smoothly in no time time at all.

Good luck.
#6 Posted : 05 December 2000 19:41:00(UTC)
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Posted By Karl Curtis
I foubd that the HSE web site on www.hse.gov.co.uk has some excellent free publications you can download. I also use the HSG90 booklet "VDU's an easy guide to the regulations", the questionaire at the rear of the publication is particularly useful.


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