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#1 Posted : 05 February 2001 15:50:00(UTC)
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Posted By Emma
Does anybody have details of a supplier of Asbestos Sampling Kits???


#2 Posted : 05 February 2001 16:01:00(UTC)
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Posted By Brian Peirce

Try ringing David Wray,0115 8412350.

He runs his own Asbestos Consultancy in Nottingham and has been very helpful with regards our organization.


#3 Posted : 05 February 2001 19:36:00(UTC)
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Posted By Richard
I'm not sure if anyone does produce a specific kit. However if you need to compile your own (as i do) i would suggest the following items:

1. Coring tools (I'm working on a suppliers name for you)
2. Smooth pointed tweezers without serrations
3. wire cutters/snips
4. gas pliers for breaking corners of boards
5. stanley knife,hammer, screwdrivers pliers.
6. Spray bottle for wetting sample locations
7.torch (i always use a maglite as they are very robust, but remember not to use them in any areas that potentially flammable atmospheres may occur)
8.Asbestos waste bags (for used disposable overalls, gloves etc.)
9. polythene sheets 1m sq
10. wet wipes to clean tools, ppe, rpe etc
11. sample point labels
12. adhesive tape
13. adhesive warning tape labelled "Danger - Asbestos hazard"
14. polyfilla or equivalent with filling knife
15. aerosol of adhesive or lacquer (e.g. photomount)
16. asbestos assessment sheets, clipboard, pens etc.
17. personal RPE (e.g. orinasal halfmask respirator with ffp3 filters or equivalent), disposable overalls, overshoes, gloves etc
18. camera
19. H - type vacuum cleaner (to BS5415 standard)
20. Sample bags/ridged sample pots Large and small to ensure double bagging of samples

As you can see the list can go on. This list of equipment is endless and sampling personnel will customise their kits depending on the type of survey to be carried out.

(e.g. a type 3 asbestos survey for pre demolition/ major refurbishment(draft MDHS 100) may require much more equipment and even asbestos enclosures and decontamination units for the duration of the survey (see EH47 and EH51)

I'll try to get the suppliers number that i use (misplaced at the moment)

hope it helps you

Regards, Richie.
#4 Posted : 06 February 2001 00:06:00(UTC)
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Posted By Bob Randall
I would suggest you approach this subject with some caution. Only registered asbestos contractors are permitted to handle asbestos and that includes taking samples.

Bob Randall
#5 Posted : 06 February 2001 08:49:00(UTC)
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Posted By Mark Preston
In response to Bob's post...
This is not the case - sampling is specifically exempt from the Asbestos licensing regs (I guess you meant licensed when you wrote registered)
Anyone sampling should be competent to do so (MDHS 77 and 100)- and there should have been an assessment of exposure (under CAWR)prior to the work - which in itself requires a levevl of competency.

I would recommend that anyone undertaking this work obtain the certicates of proficiency in the relevant subjects from BIOH.

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