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#1 Posted : 23 May 2017 11:20:28(UTC)
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My (fairly!) new role is as a Health, Safety & Environmental Manager. I have all my relevant H&S qualifications and a PGDip in OHS&E (but it was a while ago) but I now have specific responsibility for environmental issues and feel I need some more knowledge in this area. As I will be practically managing environmental matters as part of my role,  I don't think the new IOSH course is suitable.

We have an in-house environmental team who have overall responsibility in the company as a whole but I have the daily responsibility for E as well as H&S in my own business unit. Any suggestions on a good course to do?

I would like a general overview of environmental issues and the management of them but don't feel I need a full blown diploma for example (and I suspect work wouldn't pay!!). I'm sure many of you have E as part of your roles, so any advice greatly appreciated. My company/BU is a subsidary of a large construction equipment manufacturer, but I am on the property and construction side and not anything to do with the manufacturing of the equipment. I did ask the environmental team, but they weren't really sure what type of training would be best for me. Thanks in anticipation!

#2 Posted : 23 May 2017 12:53:49(UTC)
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The IEMA website may be a good place to start https://www.iema.net/home/learn-home

You could look at taking the Foundation certificate as a good introduction. There's no requirement to join IEMA as there are providers offering the course without any condition to subscribe to IEMA.

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swebster on 23/05/2017(UTC)
#3 Posted : 27 June 2017 08:17:41(UTC)
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I was in the same situation as you a few years ago, where I felt that if I had the title HSE in my position I should really be able to show qualification as well as competency and experience.

After research I decided on the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management. The course provides a good all round grounding from which you can build on.

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Martin Fieldingt on 28/06/2017(UTC), swebster on 06/07/2017(UTC)
#4 Posted : 07 July 2017 14:38:35(UTC)
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I would second jim4244's suggestion. Its a broad course covering all of the basic ground.

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swebster on 13/07/2017(UTC)
#5 Posted : 27 July 2017 11:11:44(UTC)
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Guys it was good to see an endorsement of the NEBOSH Env Cert on here - I am in much the same position as SWebster and have been looking around for options.  I thought that the NEBOSH course looked like it fitted the bill but wanted to get some feedback from other people.  Can anyone expand a little on why you have suggested this course over and above any other?

#6 Posted : 18 August 2017 10:50:51(UTC)
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In the interests of balance, i was one of the first batch to go on the NEBOSH environmental course shortly after it was introduced and whilst i'd found the other NEBOSH courses i'd done (general, construction and fire) to be extremely useful, the environmental one was awful and i left just as confused as when i started.

Whether it was early teething problems, the trainer, or a mixture of both i don't know but a colleague of mine at the time reported similar issues. A year or so later my colleague attended an IEMA environmental course (i can't recall which one) and found it 100 times better.

Again though, this is going back a few years so things may well have changed.

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swebster on 21/08/2017(UTC)
#7 Posted : 24 August 2017 16:59:03(UTC)
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Hi Stern,

I was on the first NEBOSH Env Mgmt course than ran in the UK, immediately after it was introduced by Wirral Metropolitan College. The chap that ran the NEBOSH Env Diploma there was instrumental in setting up both courses and so had the jump on other colleges or training providers as a consequence. I have to say that initially my experience was pretty similar to yours, insofar as the lecturer (who was new) wasn't necessarily sticking to teaching the syllabus 100%, but was trying to make us think about the environment from a wider perspective. You could argue that the two things were incompatible, but it gave me the overview I needed to study a bit more for myself. An interesting thing about this course was that one of our number only just passed the course by the skin of his teeth, ended up teaching it at another local college. I often came across people who had been on that course, who was making the same comments as yourself, as he probably didn;t have the background depth of knowledge to be able to answer questions and give relevent examples.

The above experience was also true for the NEBOSH Env Diploma course I did there, but it ended up being a little bit more serious as we didn't concentrate on doing past papers whilst we were exploring topics in a wider context. Fortunately, we were able to recognise what we needed to learn to be able to pass the exam, whilst also taking in the wider context scenarios. I thought the courses had great syllabi and particularly the Diploma if you were from an industrial background (which I have), but the key point for me was that you had to work at it and be a bit self-directed, like most courses, to get the most out of it, and on reflection, a better lecturer would have made life easier!

Hope this helps?

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