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#1 Posted : 01 December 2020 11:18:38(UTC)
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Hi all newbie here so take it easy. I need to do a risk assessment for an engineering firm who have engineers that will be using utility/electricians knives and armoured cable cutters. Do I need to ensure the cut gloves are strong enough to prevent cutting from the armoured cable cutter which is the biggest risk?

I'm struggling as I think it would be difficult and very impractical, however, it is a big risk. 

#2 Posted : 01 December 2020 11:30:07(UTC)
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Forgive my ignorance, but aren't these just like big wire cutters (almost plier like)? If so, what is the risk of an engineer putting their hand/finger into the tool and cutting? I would think very low.

As for the knives, you would need to take in account the manual dexterity needed to use the knife. Often high cut level gloves ( evel 5)restrict movement, this would mean engineers are less likely to use the gloves, and more likely to slip when wearing them. Speak to any reputable PPE supplier and they will advise you as to the best glove for your needs.

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hardworkingdude on 01/12/2020(UTC)
#3 Posted : 01 December 2020 11:38:21(UTC)
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Cut 5 gloves are the bane of my life.

We are designers, working in construction.  When my people go to site we are working surveying equipment, or digital cameras, and taking notes. Cut 5 gloves seem to be the panacea du jour. Many, many, many contractors have decided to introduce a blanket 'cut 5 gloves' policy and insist that all people on site need to wear cut 5 gloves.  Nothing but a cut 5 glove is acceptable.  Our people can't do their jobs in cut 5 gloves - so they wear them for the induction, walk out on site, and have to take them off, at which point they have no gloves.


Sorry, mostly off topic, but the relevant point is please don't assume that becasue 'cut 5' is the highest grade of cut resistance, it must be the best possible thing and ideal for all purposes.

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CptBeaky on 01/12/2020(UTC), Kate on 01/12/2020(UTC), hardworkingdude on 01/12/2020(UTC), Wailes900134 on 02/12/2020(UTC), aud on 06/12/2020(UTC)
#4 Posted : 01 December 2020 16:56:45(UTC)
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Having years of experience with knives and armoured cable cutters, as in actually using them without cutting myself. I think I can comment on this. You can forget any gloves protecting against an armoured cable cutter, depending upon what you are defining that device as. If it’s what I am expecting, then a glove will not stop w. It is not a knife blade, it does not work like a knife. It is a shear action tool so it will cut the cable, and then the finger and just extrude glove into the shear action. However to do this the operative would need to force the cutter into their finger(s) by squashing the handles on the cutter with more force from his other hand. So he would literally be forcing the handles with one hand to chop off the finger on the other hand. Really? I have never cut myself stripping armoured cable with fixed or manually retractable blade “Stanley” knife. It can be done with suitable training, instructions, care by the user and most importantly the right amount of time to do the job properly given by management. Other means are available most of them take longer than using a knife so they don’t make it any quicker than giving the operative adequate time to do it correctly in the first place! There are many other tools available to replace the knife, but, they cost more each operative needs their own tool, they often need more skill to use and take longer.
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aud on 06/12/2020(UTC)
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