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#1 Posted : 19 June 2017 13:12:28(UTC)
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Afternoon all,

I have been asked what signage is required for a hot water tap (the type that produces boiling water) that will be plumbed in as part of a display kitchen at one of our retail showrooms (where members of the public will have access to the tap). My first thought was the normal yellow and black warning sign, however due to marketing they have asked if they could use an alternative that is not yellow or black? I have checked numerous guides/websites and can't seem to find any answers.

Kind regards


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#2 Posted : 19 June 2017 13:25:09(UTC)
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The yellow/black is a standard sign traceable with ISO/EN/BSI and meant to be internationally recognisable

They are common to promote understanding so using a non-standard to suit "marketing" kind of defeats the purpose - if they did not like traffic lights would you let them have five horizontal bubs ranging from indigo through puce?

I appreciate this type of tap normally has a safety feature built in to prevent children obtaining boiling water but given these little darlings will likely be there with mum and dad is it wise to have functioning model in showroom and so easily accessible you feel the need to apply a warning sign?

IF I were designing the showroom a functioning tap would be behind a perspex lockable door only open during supervised demonstration

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