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#1 Posted : 12 January 2018 15:03:31(UTC)
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I currently work for a facilities management company. We are forever having issues with members of the public slipping etc in some of the buildings we run. We have also had numerous slip testing reports carried out in each building all differing to some extent. We are looking to bring the slip testing function in house to provide better flexibility and more consistency to the results along with allowing us to proactively monitor our surfaces. 

Can anyone advise me in what equipment is good or bad. I am looking at a few different suppliers of Pendulum Slip Testers. Or if anyone knows of one going 2nd hand as they seem to be like gold dust. 

Thanks in advance. 

Brian Campbell  
#2 Posted : 12 January 2018 18:05:25(UTC)
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Brian Campbell

A common problem with the Public, we are forever monitoring our floors at the Arena I work at.  However we use Queens University who come in every year a do a full report on I think 32 different areas with the pendulum test.  Your problem is though if you're bringing in house then your not ultilising an independant consultant who has the expertise and knowledge in a given field, also its on their liability to certain extent.  If you have public in your premises I would also imagine your insurers would prefer an independant analysis for monitoring floors!


#3 Posted : 16 January 2018 09:57:56(UTC)
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We were also considering purchasing a pendulum tester to do some inhouse tesing of our non-slip timber decking products as it can be expensive to send products off to be tested, especially if they are still in the developmental stage and may require more testing before they are lauched as a product. I know you can undergo training to operate the devices and be certified to do so, I would probably discuss the matter with your insurer and see if they are happy to back you should a claim arrise if you have a qualified person to test in house.

If you do go down the route of buying one, I would be interested to know how you get on with it.

Best of luck

#4 Posted : 19 January 2018 10:41:21(UTC)
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I am not sure I get the argument it is on their liability? Indepenant monitoring is fine and good when there is adequate resources but I cant see an argument for bringing testing in house once you have a competent person to carry it out? The values are the values. They could change for a number of variables and I am trying to ensure we are proactive in monitoring. Getting independant monitoring is neither here nor there in my opinion. Sure they could come in and do it and 2 months later you could have completely differing results. The cost is also very expensive and is not resonably practical. We would have over 1 million visitors a year so the risk is high. 

My current problem is that i am using a consultant/contractor who is also trying to sell me flooring/ processes to bring me compliant. They all are the same therefore the accuracy of their results is hard to trust. 

There are not many persons doing it so it seems a niche market also. 

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