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#1 Posted : 12 April 2018 18:50:53(UTC)
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Hi all, I'm new to the forum so please be gentle haha, right so a little bit of background, I'm a site manager working for a large infrastructure contractor, the current project I'm working on involves the excavation and installation of 132kv cables, following issues on site regarding ground conditions the decision was made to stop works and re-evaluate our methodology to ensure we are taking the potential risk seriously and ultimately continue our works safely. After taking various things in to account we have decided to use aluminium walers and trench sheets, for our excavations going forward, the ground conditions will continue to be monitored and reviewed and if the conditions change then we may re think this approach. The trench support will follow the correct Temporary works procedures. The question I have is If we are using teams which are experienced in the using of these types of trench systems is their a requirement for training, i.e. Is there an industry standard competency for these types of works. Any help would be greatly appreciated Kind regards
#2 Posted : 13 April 2018 12:29:38(UTC)
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Yes, you should be providing training on the risks associated with such work.

If the operatives are not trained how do they know the correct temporary works/excavation controls are being followed/implemented? To ensure competence in such activities you require the correct skills, knowledge, experience and training. Experience alone is not enough.

Excavation and particularly ground conditions can be underestimated and dependant on the type of trench support required, water table etc. will require a certain level of design competence in relation to the temporary works/excavation support being put in place and operative competence in ensuring the excavation(s) is supported adequately.

There are a number of good courses out there and providers, for example CITB deliver a suite of different types of course (tailored to the type of excavation support selected). CITB also do very good TW courses. There are obviously other training providers you could use.

peter gotch  
#3 Posted : 13 April 2018 15:46:16(UTC)
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peter gotch


I'm a little surprised that your question has ended up here.

For any "large infrastructure contractor" problems with ground conditions should not be a one off issue whether or not the actual excavation and/or support is done in-house or is sub-contracted.

So the first part of any response is "Are you confident that the Temporary Works Co-ordinator is competent for the task?" Could be the type of ground conditions are new to them and that they need a second opinion on whether they've come to the right conclusions as to what TW is appropriate.

From there the next QQ are whether you are confident that there is a safe system in place to instal the TW and someone competent as Temporary Works Supervisor to sign off that it's OK.

In each case you might be looking for some evidence of training to Construction Skills (formerly CITB) or an equivalent standard as part of the assessment of competence (skills, knowledge, experience and training in CDM 2015 speak!)

What I don't think anyone here can provide is an authoritative Yes or No answer to your original question. All dependent on too many variables, perhaps precisely why the law requires a TWC and TWS.

#4 Posted : 13 April 2018 15:56:35(UTC)
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Should point this to the Temporary works advisor, desing check etc, then inspections once installed. Before you put anyone in the excavation. Put it to the principal contractor because if you hit anything the blame will be on you. 

My opionon olny. 


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