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#1 Posted : 09 August 2019 13:43:36(UTC)
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Hi.  I have a friend who cares for her husband and involves personal care with stoma bags, changing, disposal etc.

She is having real problems with the smell and asks if there is a face mask that will filter out the smell.

I'm sure there will be something but requesting help on here.


#2 Posted : 09 August 2019 13:53:45(UTC)
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Why not try the morticians remedy? - a quick smear of vapour rub directly under the nostrils

Most aromas pass through cheap mask media unles you get in to the serious activated charcoal filters

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firesafety101 on 12/08/2019(UTC)
#3 Posted : 09 August 2019 14:16:36(UTC)
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Search for 3m 9913 (other brands available)

Its a disposable nuisance odour FFP1 mask with a charcoal layer.  Wore one when unblocking a drain and couldn't smell a thing but other half had to shut the windows!

Available on Amazon for £22.99 for 20.  (although if you are not trusting of Amazon, PPE suppliers such as Arco, RS etc do the same but much dearer, around £50 -£72)

Another avenue could be the medical supplies companies for the disposable items.  If your friend already purchases a lot through them they may have a discount scheme

#4 Posted : 09 August 2019 15:51:49(UTC)
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If it is just the smell, would nose plugs that swimmers use work? ok you are still breathing in, but not through the nose and only a few pounds.

Might be worth a try


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firesafety101 on 12/08/2019(UTC)
#5 Posted : 12 August 2019 08:49:22(UTC)
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All great idea, and so cheap too.  I contacted ARCO and received some good advice and passed that on.

I shall now pass on your idea as well.

The lady has help from social services but not as good as you chaps.

many thanks.

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