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#1 Posted : 11 September 2019 06:54:03(UTC)
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Can anyone come up with a reason why a H&S Practicioner would need two Level 6 IOSH accredited qualifacations?

I am currently GradIOSH and working towards Chartership, having gained a first class honours in an IOSH L6 Accredited BSc (Environmental Health & Safety).

I joined a graduate trainee programm which has a significant reduction in salary, for which I was told to complete the NEBOSH National Diploma - also L6. The management in my organisation were unaware that my BSc was IOSH L6 Accredited.

I'm finding this extremely redundant after just finishing my BSc, a NEBOSH Construction cert would have supplemented my knowledge in combination with other specialist training. I have passed my Unit B exam, waiting on Unit C.

Because of this commitment, I am using large amounts of annual leave to revise, I get paid half as much as my peers, never mind the stress, energy and effort involved in the Diploma. In addition, my commitment to the Diploma means that I cannot avail of other specialist training such as Incident Investigtion, DSE Assessor Training, Stress RA training etc.

So my question is.... why on earth would a GradIOSH member working towards chartership need to complete another IOSH L6 Qualifacation??

#2 Posted : 11 September 2019 08:50:08(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

Beats me.

I assume you have questioned this with your employer?

Were you aware of this when you took the job on?

It sounds like you should have a honest conversation with your employer. By the looks of things you are already most of the way through your diploma so it is already probably a bit too late in the day to question this now.

#3 Posted : 11 September 2019 14:20:02(UTC)
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I would also question this with your employeer, saying that I had Chartered status backed up with additional trainin Construction Cert etc, however I was asked to undertake the ILM Diploma in Leadership & Managment as my OLD mangment certificates were deemed out of date. I suppose employers all have different takes and standards.

p.s still didnt do me any good as redundancy loomed and I was thrown back into the wolf pack 

#4 Posted : 12 September 2019 06:28:33(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

Beats me too.

Your BSc is a much more demanding level 6 qualification than the Nat Dip. If I am reading it right, a BSc gives you about 120 credits, how many taught hours plus home study hours did you put in for that? I'm guessing 300 + 900 so 1200 hrs per year so 3600 hrs! source: University of Hull https://www.hull.ac.uk/study/ug/2019/safety-enviro-mgmt.aspx 

A Dip is around 500 in total. (Don't get confused with levels vs quals, the level is the assessment of depth of understanding, not the breadth of knowledge gained. You could, in theory, get a qualification at level 6 which is only an hour of study if it were specific enough!). 

Your employer obviously doesn't understand this or is trying to get you to work for low pay. You need to have the hard conversation.


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mihai_qa on 12/09/2019(UTC)
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