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#1 Posted : 03 December 2019 14:50:29(UTC)
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Hi All,

I'm a newbie forum member that was introduced to iosh by this post thanks.

My question is: Does anyone see issues with using Cleaners and/or Security staff as Fire Wardens/First Aiders.

They are not paid by our organisation but are keen to receive the training and keen to feel part of the community.

I can't see any issues... Can you?

#2 Posted : 03 December 2019 16:40:09(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

Not your employees = not your resource to train

You have no control over their attendance nor working hours at your premises - their employer could transfer them to another site leaving you devoid of any cover.

To ensure your business has the necessary cover use your own employees

#3 Posted : 04 December 2019 13:26:20(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

It will depend on the contract with the company as to whether you can rely on them but I see no reason why you cannot train them, as long as you don't rely on them for cover without a formal agreement. I have worked with FM companies where we have agreed that it is their duty to provide cover via security, reception and cleaners to top up our numbers and then we were also confident that at least one person would always be on site with this knowledge.

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webstar on 04/12/2019(UTC)
#4 Posted : 04 December 2019 13:44:49(UTC)
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 Blubo, I think you are fortunate to have people who want to get involved!

Suggest you base your calculations on your staff - as previous poster states you cannot rely on them in the same way as your regular staff so treat them as an additional resource,a bonus.

Offer any surplus training places to these willing volunteers and include them in activites or discussions.

Two of my most reliable and enthusiastic Fire wardens are actually contractors who are lodged here, getting volunteers from our own workforce is hard going

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Roundtuit on 04/12/2019(UTC)
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