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#1 Posted : 25 January 2021 22:18:02(UTC)
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After self funding and gaining the Nebosh Construction Cert over a year ago I have absolutely struggled to get my first position in Health and Safety. I have applied for numerous positions and have not managed to get near an interview yet. Some advice on how to get my foot in the door and first step on the ladder would be greatly appreciated.

I have 26 years experience in construction with some supervisory and have already started studying the Nebosh Diploma. I would be more than happy to do some voluntry work and shadow an experienced advisor to gain the valuable experience I desperately need.

#2 Posted : 26 January 2021 16:45:24(UTC)
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Usually the first opinion a prospective employer will get of you is your CV.  So, let’s start there.

CV - Your CV need to stand out amongst all the others.  Put the titles such as name, address, previous employment and qualifications etc in dark blue bold lettering.  The font needs to be bigger than the main content i.e. Headings 14 main content 11.  If you are posting your CV,  put the CV on quality paper and don’t fold it into a small envelope, use the same size envelope as the paper. 

Your experience - You should never tell lies on your CV but you can modify the truth a little i.e. if you have been a leading hand, promote yourself to foreman.  If you had 6 months experience doing something stretch this to 18 months.

Qualifications – If you have a NEBOSH certificate put down you have a NEBOSH, leave out the certificate, that way they don’t know if you have a cert or diploma, and don’t put the date when you obtained it.  Exaggerate slightly, or should I say dress up, what you have and what you have done.

Don’t bother putting in your hobbies on your CV, they aren’t bothered and sometimes this can be off putting, for instance, if you’re a keen cyclist and the guy reading your CV hates cyclist, it will probably go in the bin

Some of this may sounds devious but remember, you just need to get that interview, you can fill in the gaps when you get there.

Before the interview – Make yourself a list of questions, don’t include what’s the money, what’s the holidays what’s the hours?  Do include, positive questions like, What’s the prospects for advancement.

At the interview – Dress smart, suite, tie, white shirt and black shoes, don’t cover yourself in aftershave. 

It worked for me and I eventually became a compliance director for a large construction/ manufacturing company before becoming a freelance casualty risk surveyor for several leading insurers

Good luck

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#3 Posted : 26 January 2021 16:45:37(UTC)
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I would suggest undertaking a vocational course, such as NVQ 4, instead of the diploma. The reason for this advice is that at the moment your qualifications may be seen as purely academical. 

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davidcampbell75 on 30/01/2021(UTC)
#4 Posted : 27 January 2021 13:37:32(UTC)
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I was in a similar position when I first started out ( self funded gen cert, fire, SHE auditing and Diploma)-  do you have a standard CV or have you tailored it more towards health and safety? Draw on your experience in construction and highlight skills and knowledge that you can transfer into a health and safety role, and in any letters of application use some of the words in the job description to show you have read what they are looking for.

Possibly it may be worth looking at split roles- my first role was health and safety admin and some PA work before my current role. Don't be afraid to say you don't have experience in something, show that you are willing to learn and ask questions- text book andswers is not what is being sought after, they want to see what you are about.

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davidcampbell75 on 30/01/2021(UTC)
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