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#1 Posted : 04 June 2021 10:30:32(UTC)
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Hi there, not been here for a while but I have a query. The company I work for has a small commercial property management team that looks after office space etc across UK and in fact Europe for the business. This team is now also being asked to source and manage the commercial side of accomodation for various people such as graduates on training schemes, engineers supporting projects away from home. This is new and my background is very much industrial in nature.

Is there any good, simple guidance out there to ensure that the commercial team (and me, supporting them) get the duty of care bit right? Things we've considered are fire risk, legionella in empty property, grounds maintenance, but tbh I could do with some good basic guidance which I can't seem to find.

Or, if anyone does this sort of thing in a similar set up it would be useful to understand what you look at

Many Thanks,

Brian Hagyard  
#2 Posted : 04 June 2021 14:44:22(UTC)
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Brian Hagyard


im not totaly clear on what you are doing here. Are you managing the property on behalf of the owner?

Are the enginears etc paying to use this accomadation, and what is the accomodation like? self contained flats or a private bed room with shared facilities

if so then you may find this site https://www.pims.co.uk/housing-fitness-standard/ may be useful.

As you say if you own the building you will need to consider the basic maintanance issues

Or are you just renting a room somewhere for them while they visit? I think these  2 very different questions.

#3 Posted : 04 June 2021 14:58:55(UTC)
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Brian, we, or rather the commercial team, are being asked to source and rent self contained (Not a room in a HMO) accomodation from the private sector on behalf of our employer to then place the employees in that accomodation. The lease, including rent is managed  by the commercial team on behalf of the employer (The employee is not paying rent). For example, we need to place an engineer into accomodation for up to 18 months while they are seconded into a full time role on a project 150 miles from his home.

This is a new string to the commercial teams bow as up to now they have managed just office space, renting primarily from large commercial landlords etc

The PIMS site is useful, thanks,

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Brian Hagyard  
#4 Posted : 07 June 2021 09:19:28(UTC)
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Brian Hagyard

Ok not realy come across that situation before - been nearly 30 years since i had any dealings with "private landlords".

Dont know if you have seen this document?


Might give you a useful checklist to have. I only found out earlier this year that Landlords now need electrical certificates as well as gas certificates.

Good luck.

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#5 Posted : 08 June 2021 09:17:50(UTC)
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Brian, that's useful, thankyou. I also found some guidance for tennats that can be adapted 

How to Rent - A Safe Home - A guide for current and prospective tenants in England (publishing.service.gov.uk)  


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peter gotch on 08/06/2021(UTC)
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