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#1 Posted : 09 January 2022 21:57:08(UTC)
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hi all. I am not a lab analysist but am a environmental engineer. I have often consulted with analysists in the past on lab results. However, I was wondering if any analysist on this forum could elaborate on whether "dispersion staining" is needed to confirm the presence or absence of asbesiform fibres.??? My past recollection from discussion with analysist collegues, was that PLM alone can identify asbestos fibres (due to polarisation effects on the fibre). However, the dispersion staining is required to identify the type of fibre (eg chrysotile or amosite or crocilodite). Thus, the several liquids with n=1.55 etc... are used for identification. could anyone kindly confirm/elaborate regards Bill
#2 Posted : 10 January 2022 08:25:46(UTC)
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can't claim to be a lab analyst..but I have had the same questions over the years...

Dispersion staining is just for visual reporesentation it doesn't have an impact on the result...PLM alone is enough it identify asbestos in the sample...

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bill4000 on 10/01/2022(UTC)
#3 Posted : 10 January 2022 21:18:08(UTC)
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Thanks Stevedm Appreciate that. Yep thats what i am think also, although hearing from an asbestos lab analysist would be great!! regards Bill
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